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 Getting Started
 1. Using the [?] link

 2. How do I create my first ad rotation?

 Using the [?] link
Looking for help but can't find it? Click on the [?] hyperlink in AdCenter (the admin interface of AdCycle). This link will open a help window. If the help window does not answer your questions, check the help pages and message board.
 How do I create my first ad rotation?
After installing AdCycle, login to adcenter using the password and user name as listed in the file. Surf the admin area for a while to build familiarity with the functions available. The first step in creating an ad rotation is defining were you want the ads to rotate. Keeping things simple, let assume you wanted to rotate 468x60 pixel ads at the top of your webpages, a similar setup to the AdCycle site. So for a single rotation of 468x60 ads;

1. Click on the "Groups" tab on the top of the AdCycle admin window, and create one group called "Top of Webpages" and select the 468x60 ad type. After creating the group, the next step is to fill the group with a couple 468x60 campaigns.

2. Click the "Advertiser" tab at the top of the AdCycle admin window and create an advertiser called "Nike Inc.".

3. Click on the "Campaigns" tab, and then create two 468x60 campaigns for advertiser "Nike Inc.", one called "Nike 1" and the other called "Nike 2".

4. On the "Campaigns" page, click on the "edit" link of campaign "Nike 1", and add at least one 468x60 banner using the "Add a GIF" link in the campaign profile. Repeat this procedure for campaign "Nike 2".

5. Next, click on the "Groups" tab, and edit the "Top of Webpages" group you created previously. You should see both the "Nike 1" and "Nike 2" campaigns. When selected, the campaigns within the group will rotate with the rotation scheme you choose.

6. Next, after verifying that each campaign is selected within the group, go back to the "Groups" page and click the "ad code" link for the "Top of Webpages" group.

7. Grab an ad code and paste it into your webpage HTML. View the page with a browser, and reload it a few times to see your banners appearing.

Congratulations!, you have just learned how to use AdCycle. It is recommended that you stay away from anything fancy until you have become comfortable using the basic functionality.

Things to remember;

- An advertiser is the person or company that is advertising on your site.

- An advertiser can have one or more campaigns. A campaign is a single ad buy from an advertiser. The campaign defines what ads will be delivered, the dates of delivery, the maximum impressions or clicks delivered etc. For example, you may run a campaign for Nike where they want to buy 1000 clicks on your site, from 12/1 to 12/30, using 10 different 468x60 banner ads. You would add Nike as an advertiser, then add the campaign for Nike with these parameters.

- Groups are regions in your page(s) were you would like to rotate ads. A group could be a 88x31 pixel button position on your homepage, or even a 120x60 cube on your travel pages.

- Groups can contain one or hundreds of campaigns. Each group has a unique ad code that when placed into a web page, will rotate the campaigns in the group.
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